Platform Restrictions

for trading on BNB Chain

Some restrictions are in place on the platform to protect liquidity providers that act as the counterparty to traders.

Trade restrictions specifically apply when attempting to open a new position. If the position you are attempting to open would push the ratio of Longs vs Shorts of an asset over its Limit Ratio, the position will not be allowed to open. Additionally, cannot open a short position with a Position Size larger than the Maximum Value allowed.

Limit Ratio of Long Positions vs Short Positions

Maximum Value of a Short Position

Liquidity provider restrictions apply when attempting to add liquidity to the LEVEL liquidity pools (LLPs). Both BNB and CAKE have a Maximum Liquidity limit as shown below. Once a limit for one of these assets is reached inside a specific pool, that asset will no longer be available for deposit in the pool. Additionally, users will not be able to swap that asset into the pool for another asset, whether as a direct Swap or as a Swap required when providing collateral to open a position.

Maximum Liquidity Accepted in the LEVEL Liquidity Pools

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