Fee Credit Program

Lock LVL to earn Fee Credit

In the Stake LVL to Earn Fee Credit Tab, LVL holders can stake their LVL to earn Fee Credits.

Each 100 LVL staked will be rewarded with a maximum $5 fee credit, linearly reducing toward the end of the epoch. The earlier you stake during an epoch, the more fee credits you will earn.

Staking is available on both, Arbitrum and BNB Chain.

The chain you stake your LVL is the chain you will get your Fee Credits.

Free Credit Rewards are distributed immediately and they expire at the end of that specific epoch.

Users have the option to either roll their staked LVL over to the next epoch or withdraw them, based on their preference set in the user interface.

Example: A trader decides to stake 1,000 LVL tokens for a trading epoch, which lasts one week. Upon doing so, they receive Fee Credits. If the trader stakes their 1,000 LVL tokens right at the start of the epoch, they are rewarded with $50 in Fee Credits, which can be used for leveraged trading.

Given our fee structure, where the fee is 0.05% of the position size, these $50 in Fee Credits empower the trader to execute trades with a notional value of up to $100,000.

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