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Is LEVEL a decentralised exchange (DEX)?

LEVEL is an on-chain, non-custodial, frictionless, and permissionless DEX!

As a DEX, LEVEL operates without a centralised authority, removing barriers to entry through permissionless smart contracts. DEXs reduce the risk of price manipulation, as well as exploits and theft as crypto assets are never in the custody of the exchange itself.

Where to check rewards from my LLPs?

Staked LLP tokens auto-compound fees into the LLP itself, increasing the assets within the LLP and thus the price. The higher the LLP price, the higher the value of your LLP assets will be!

You also receive LVL rewards for providing liquidity as an LLP. These can be claimed on the LEVEL Liquidity page.

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I provided liquidity to the LVL/BNB LP, where do the rewards come from? Can I stake this LP to earn additional rewards?

When you create a liquidity pool position on Pancakeswap, you are providing liquidity for the LVL/BNB spot market enabling people to swap LVL tokens. When a user swaps between tokens in this pool, a trading fee is taken from them, a part of which is distributed to liquidity providers according to their share of the pool.

💡 Find more information on PancakeSwap trading fees here

LP tokens from PancakeSwap can then be staked or farmed to earn additional rewards, either at LEVEL to earn LVL, or at PancakeSwap to earn CAKE.

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Is there a Dune dashboard for LEVEL?

There are several Dune dashboards that monitor the entire LEVEL ecosystem.

Can I set a Stop Loss or Take Profit when I am leverage trading on LEVEL?

Yes! To do so, you can either create a market order position or a limit order position, once your position has been executed you will be able to define your stop loss or take profit.

💡 Create a Stop Loss or Take Profit in our Trading Tutorials

Note, you cannot define a stop loss or take profit prior to the position being created, such as when you are creating a limit order.

Why is the LEVEL team staking LVL in the LGO Staking contracts?

The LEVEL team is committed to safeguarding the platform in its early stages. To achieve this, the team need to be the majority holder of LGO, as governance rights are proportional to the LGO share held. Through the staking of LVL team tokens in return for LGO, the team’s ongoing share of governance is determined. For the first year, the LEVEL Team will hold greater than 50% of the LGO Supply. In the following years, the team will gradually reduce their LGO share relative to other holders.

💡 For more information, see LEVEL DAO

In what ways does LEVEL plan to attract more liquidity to the platform?

On top of directing protocol revenue to liquidity providers (LPs), additional incentives in the form of LVL tokens are also distributed. Looking forward, LEVEL plans to create a multi-chain liquidity aggregator collecting fragmented liquidity across various ecosystems to represent a unified pool, for users to trade, swap and borrow against.

How can I track my LLP over time?

  • Enter your wallet address here:https://llp.level.finance

  • Here you can track how your LLP performs against BTC as well as the total fees accrued from your LLP position

How can I track all my activities on LEVEL?

  • Enter your wallet address here:https://leveller.me/

  • Here you can track:

    • LVL and LGO Holdings

    • Trading Performance

      • Trading Volume

      • Fees Paid

      • Net Profit

    • Liquidity Positions

      • Which pools they are staked in

    • Staking Positions

      • DAO Staked LVL and LGO

    • Loyalty Program History

      • lyLVL Balance

      • Total LVL Rewards from the program

    • Referral Program History

      • Total Referrals Accrued

Who is on the LEVEL team?

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