DAO Treasury

The DAO Treasury is managed by the LEVEL DAO through the governance participation of LGO holders.

To learn more about LGO tokenomics, see LGO Governance Token

The DAO Treasury can be split into two distinct categories:

  • Treasury Reserve = LVL tokens

  • Treasury Liquid Assets (on BNB Chain) = Senior LLP + LVL/USDT LP

  • Treasury Liquid Assets (on Arbitrum) = Senior LLP + LVL/USDT LP

Treasury Reserve

The LEVEL DAO has a Treasury Reserve of LVL tokens made up entirely of the remaining LVL supply (excl. team allocation).

Typically, the Treasury Reserve is used for:

  • Strategic Investor allocations, where all proceeds from the sale go to the DAO Treasury

  • Partnership allocations (e.g. PancakeSwap)

  • Security audits (e.g. Quantstamp)

Treasury Liquid Assets

30% of protocol revenue is distributed to the DAO Treasury in the form of Senior LLP tokens that continually increase in value with fees from the protocol. The DAO Treasury also owns a position in LVL/USDT LP. These liquid portions of the DAO Treasury represented by Senior LLP and LVL/USDT LP can be redeemed from LGO holdings.

To learn more about the distribution of fees, see Protocol Fee Structure

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