Level Finance

DAO Treasury

LGO (pronounced algo) is the governance token of LEVEL.
To learn more about LGO tokenomics, please head to our LGO Governance token section.
LGO holders are the de-facto stakeholders of the entire LEVEL ecosystem, including managing and having access to the DAO Treasury funds. X% of all protocol revenues (see Fee Distribution) go to the DAO Treasury, continuously creating value for the DAO participants.
As you can see in the graphic above the treasury is splited into two categories
  • Treasury Reserve
  • Treasury Liquid Assets

Treasury Reserve

LEVEL DAO has a Treasury Reserve in form of LVL tokens. It is being filled up on a weekly-basis (currently at 70,000 LVL tokens weekly).
Typically they are being used for

Treasury Liquid Assets

Protocol revenue that is being added to the DAO Treasury is being hold in form of Senior LLP. Therefore it is earning Yield which is being distributed to all LGO stakers.
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