• Position fee: 0.05% of position size

  • Execution fee: fee paid to the network to execute your trade

  • Swap fee: ranging from 0% to 0.65% depending on the pool weight of the asset used for collateral

  • Borrowing fee: calculated dynamically based on the asset utilization rate

Opening or closing a position incurs a 0.05% fee based on the Position Size of the trade. Once a request has been made to open, close, or edit (deposit/withdraw) a position, keepers execute the actual trade in a separate transaction. This second transaction incurs an ‘Execution Fee’, paid to the network, and is displayed in the trade confirmation box.

Depending on the trade opened, a specific type of collateral is required (ETH for ETH longs, BTC for BTC longs, and USDT for any shorts). If you open a position with a different collateral asset than that required, the collateral will be automatically swapped, incurring a regular swap fee. Depending on each LEVEL Liquidity Pool's current and target weights, this swap fee can range from 0 - 0.65% of the Collateral Size.

A borrowing fee is also applied to open positions, paid every hour and calculated dynamically based on the asset utilization rate up to a maximum borrowing fee of 0.01% per hour at 100% utilization.

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