LVL Utility Token

LVL is the protocol utility token of the LEVEL ecosystem.

Token Details

How to Receive LVL?

LVL Allocation

AllocationAmount (LVL)Percentage

Liquidity Providers






DAO / Strategic






  • Liquidity provider rewards are used to bootstrap liquidity and reward LEVEL LPs

  • Community incentives are for various campaigns and mechanisms, focusing on user acquisition, user retention, and most importantly trading volume growth.

  • The team allocation has a 4-year unlock duration. Team tokens will unlock every 12 months, with an initial 12-month cliff, where the first unlock (1/4 of team allocation) occurred on the 26th of December 2023.

Note that a portion of the team allocation of LVL tokens (locked or unlocked) can be staked in the DAO. Learn more at Initiation of the LEVEL DAO

  • The strategic investor allocation has been set aside for external contributors. If you would like to contribute to the LEVEL project, please contact us on Discord. We are continually exploring opportunities to sell LVL to high-profile strategic partners. All proceeds from these sales go to the LEVEL DAO Treasury.

LVL Emissions

The LVL token distribution is decided by the LEVEL DAO.

With Level 2.0 a Bonding Mechanism (LIP #23) was implemented with an unvested token called preLVL. All LVL rewards are no longer distributed directly.

Details about preLVL Bonding Mechanism

Weekly Fixed Emissions

BNB - Allocationper week

Senior Tranche

8750 preLVL

Arbitrum - Allocationper week

Senior Tranche

8750 preLVL

Weekly Variable Emissions

per week

Trading Incentives: Loyalty Program + Ladder

70,000 preLVL + minimum 10,000 preLVL (up to 100,000 preLVL)

Referral tier and volume-dependent

Total Program Incentives

minimum 80,000 preLVL (up to 170,000 preLVL) + Referral Program

For more information on variable emissions, see Incentive Programs

The chart below shows LVL emissions for the first 5 months of the project, since launch. The LEVEL DAO has repeatedly adjusted emissions to ensure a sustainable token economy for the ecosystem. Further changes to the LVL emission schedule can be proposed and voted on through LEVEL DAO governance. This may be to facilitate the continued sustainability of our tokenomics or for future strategic plans, such as cross-chain expansion. Previous impacts from governance proposals are labelled on the chart.

Token Release Events

Strategic Sale - Unknown

  • Date: 22nd Jun 2023

  • Deal Size: 2,000,000 USDT ($2M)

  • LVL Size: 526,316 LVL

  • LVL Price: $3.8 (7-day TWAP + discount)

  • Term Length: 6-month lock up with 6-month linear vesting period after

Utility (Staking)

LVL Staking

There are currently 3 venues to stake your LVL tokens with varying benefits to suit multiple stakeholders.

1) LVL DAO Staking

In this pool, LVL holders can stake their LVL to earn LGO, giving them governance rights over the DAO and management rights of the DAO Treasury.

2) LVL Omnichain Yield Staking

In the Earn Pool, LVL holders can stake their LVL to earn protocol fees. 10% of protocol fees generated are distributed to this LVL staking pool in the form of Senior LLP, which can be redeemed for any Senior LLP asset here (for example, BTC, ETH, USDT, e.g.).

Staking is available on both, Arbitrum and BNB Chain.

Every 1 LVL staked earns you 1 share per second. The total rewards are calculated from 10% of the total fees collected over the 7-day epoch on both BNB Chain and Arbitrum. Your share of these rewards is proportional to your stake.

Rewards are distributed per epoch (7 days). 24h after end of the epoch, users will be able to claim their yield rewards.

3) LVL Fee Credit Staking

In the Stake LVL to Earn Fee Credit Tab, LVL holders can stake their LVL to earn Fee Credits. Each 100 LVL staked will be rewarded with a maximum $5 fee credit, linearly reducing toward the end of the epoch. The earlier you stake during an epoch, the more fee credits you will earn.

Staking is available on both, Arbitrum and BNB Chain. Note: The chain you stake your LVL is the chain you will get your Fee Credits.

Rewards are distributed immediately and they expire at the end of that epoch.

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