DAO Proposals

The LEVEL DAO preliminarily focuses on the following topics:

  • Submitting and approving all Expenditures (incl. engineering)

  • Submitting and approving Treasury functions, partnerships, and incentive programs

  • Nominate contributors

    • Anyone can petition the DAO to engage new contributors, advisors, community members, or professionals, so long as it is in the interest of the majority

    • Our vision is to have a lasting and strongly aligned community continually working toward the improvement and expansion of LEVEL

  • Propose, control and approve Fees, features, and functionalities:

    • Trading fees

    • Fee distribution

    • The listing of additional crypto assets

    • Integration of new asset classes (forex, indices, synthetics, commodities, etc.)

    • Cross-chain expansion opportunities

    • Other features that are integral to the platform's success

  • Complete oversight on Security - as LEVEL grows, security will continually increase in importance. The DAO has complete oversight over current and future bug bounty programs and security audits - the cornerstones of operational security.

  • Other topics or matters that are of operational and/or strategic importance

Through governance proposals, the LEVEL DAO has control over all parts of the LEVEL ecosystem. The flow of governance proposals is as follows:

  • Forum posts are created on the LEVEL Governance Forum

    • Open to the public for deeper discussion and community feedback

  • Once a proposal reaches quorum, it is formally raised on the LEVEL DAO Proposals site as a Level Improvement Proposal (LIP)

  • Voting time may vary depending on the topic

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