Referral Program

How to Become a Referrer?

To access the Referral Program page, click on your wallet address in the top right corner of the screen and proceed to your Referral Program page.

  1. Connect your wallet

  2. Navigate to your Referral Program

  3. Copy your unique Referral Link

  1. Share your Referral Link with friends and followers across social channels along with your trading experience. You can even put the link in your Bio or any of your content channels!

  1. Collect points automatically from referred trader activity

  1. Redeem your points for preLVL every week

Earn Rebates from Trading

After navigating to the LEVEL site via a Referral Link, you will see the modal shown below.

Simply click ‘Trade Now’ and make a trade to link your account with the referrer’s address. The first trade you make after clicking a referral link will store the referrer’s address against your wallet on-chain. Once stored on-chain, the registration is irreversible.

If you have clicked multiple referral links before confirming with a follow-up trade, the last link clicked will be registered against your account upon executing the follow-up trade.

Once successfully registered on-chain, you will automatically earn Trader Points to your account with each trade.

Prior to confirming the referral address through a trade, the referral address is stored in your browser’s local storage (cache). Using a different computer or browser, or clearing your browser cache before making the follow-up trade will result in the referral address not being registered against your account.

Custom Referral Codes are available in a limited capacity for select traders within the community. These select few traders will need to contact the LEVEL team to walk through the registration process for custom referral codes.

Manually Adding a Referral Address

A Referral Address can also be added manually through the following steps

  1. Connect your wallet

  2. Navigate to your Referral Program

  3. Select ‘Add Referral Address

  1. Enter the address manually and submit

  2. Collect points automatically from your trading activity

Set chain to claim the rewards

You can freely choose on which chain to claim the rewards.

  1. On "Claim rewards on...", Click "Change"

  1. Select the chain to claim rewards: BNB chain or Arbitrum then click "Confirm"

  1. Click "Switch to Arbitrum" or vice versa then confirm "Switch network"

  1. Click "Confirm"

  1. Once confirmed in your wallet, you will see a "Successful" pop-up on the LEVEL UI after a few seconds.

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