Receive Trading Incentives

Trading incentive includes Loyalty token (lyLVL) and Ladder points, awarded to these account:

  • with leverage orders (market/limit) and limit swap orders, awarded to order owner.

  • with market swap order, awarded to specified benicifier

To define benicifier, contract owner must send extradata to swap function of pool contract as below:

interface IPool {
  function swap(address _tokenIn, address _tokenOut, uint256 _minOut, address _to, bytes calldata extradata) external

With extradata is encoded address

In solidity

address benificier;
bytes memory extradata = abi.encode(benificier);

In js (ethers.js for example)

const benificier = '0x...'
const extradata = defaultAbiCoder.encode(['address'], [benificier]);

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