Level Finance


Experience LEVEL's advanced DeFi venue that offers a great user experience, leverage trading, and real yield. Join LEVEL today and take control of your decentralized trading journey.
LEVEL is live on BNB Chain at Level.Finance
LEVEL is a decentralized and non-custodial perpetual DEX on BNB Chain focused on delivering highly effective risk management along with first of a kind liquidity solution for LPs using original code designed from the ground up.
LEVEL's architecture facilitates direct market access to programmatic pools of liquidity, enabling capital-efficient hedging with near-zero market impact for traders looking to protect their gains while seamlessly creating a yield-bearing instrument for asset owners looking to earn passive income on their crypto holdings. Key features include:
Fully permissionless, on-chain and non-custodial
Real utility -> cash flow -> #RealYield
Zero price impact trades powered by Chainlink Oracles
Programmatic Risk Management
Innovative liquidity solution
Fair launch. User-directed LEVEL DAO.
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