Level Finance

Token Economics Overview

  • LVL = Utility Token
    • Fair Launch of LVL - there were no private sales or seed rounds
    • Receive LVL by becoming an LLP, trading on the platform, or bidding in Auctions
    • Stake LVL in LVL DAO Staking or bid through LVL Auctions to receive LGO
    • Stake in LVL Yield Staking to earn 10% of protocol revenue
    • Stake LVL to earn Fee Credits for trading and trade for free
  • LGO = Governance Token
    • No pre-mining or pre-allocation of LGO
    • Asset Manager and Decision-Maker of the LEVEL DAO
    • Receive LGO through LVL DAO Staking or LGO Auctions
    • Redeem LGO against Liquid Treasury Assets
    • Stake to earn 10% of the daily protocol revenue