2023 / 2024 Outlook - Roadmap

Level 2.0: The Next Frontier in Decentralized Trading

Detailed article about our 2.0 roadmap can be find here:

  1. Part One - On-chain orderbook testnet (Complete)

    • 2.0 Testnet launched December 22nd 2023

    • Crypto, Commodity and FX Trading

    • Cross Margin Capabilities

    • Testnet rewards

Ultimate Decentralization

  • Community-controlled threshold signature schemes

  • Auditable Multi-Party Computation verification protocols using a federation of community-controlled nodes

Cross Chain

  • Emissions of LVL for cross-chain ventures will be minimal and focused on attracting liquidity, with the primary goal of generating Real Yield for token holders

  • LEVEL’s success to date has served to create a strong decentralized liquidity marketplace on BNB Chain. Moving forward, LEVEL will accelerate this success by pioneering a chain-agnostic solution. The goal is to become a multi-chain liquidity aggregator where fragmented liquidity across different ecosystems can be unified in a single pool, allowing users to trade, swap, and borrow seamlessly.

Level 1.5 (Complete)

  1. Part One (Complete)

    • The DAO Treasury was approved to add liquidity to the LEVEL Ecosystem

    • Redemption of LGO was approved to include LLP tokens owned by the treasury

    • LGO Yield Staking was approved to receive 10% of protocol revenue

  2. Part Two (Complete)

    • LVL Yield Staking was approved to receive 10% of protocol revenue

    • LGO Dutch Auction via burning LVL was approved

      • To increase scarcity of assets and allow for anti-dilution/deflationary tokenomics

    • LVL Batch Auction was approved

      • 25% of proceeds go towards building LVL/USDT liquidity on PancakeSwap

      • 75% of proceeds go towards minting Senior LLP

    • Provide better trader incentives

      • Instead of static LEVEL Loyalty (lyLVL) rewards, the transition to a dynamic leaderboard-based incentive structure was approved (with emissions unchanged)

        • Locked LVL and staked LGO will count towards lyLVL accumulation

        • The final distribution will be based on the leaderboard position, taking into account the volume of trades + LVL Staked on the platform

  3. Part Three (Complete)

    • Transfer of the entire unissued LVL token supply (except for the Team Allocation) to the administration of the Treasury was approved, under the complete control of the LEVEL DAO

    • The motion to take LEVEL cross-chain was approved

    • Deploying LayerZero’s omnichain interoperability protocol to support LVL/LGO and enable the use of cross-chain bridges was approved

    • The introduction of a Level NFT drop was approved

Bonding mechanism (Complete)

  • LVL incentives will no longer be distributed directly to traders or liquidity providers

  • rewards will be in an unvested version called preLVL

  • 2 choices to vest preLVL tokens (Normal vesting or Accelerated vesting)

Omnichain - Arbitrum (Complete)

Following LIP #19: First steps: Multi-Blockchain Expansion, 5M LVL will be bridged to Arbitrum using LayerZero’s technology to initiate bootstrapping liquidity, through auctions and other incentive programs.

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