Level Finance

Referral Program

Invite followers to LEVEL and earn referral points (RPs) and trading points (TPs) together!
The Referral Program is live at app.level.finance/profile/referral
There is no fixed allocation for the Referral Program.
Simply put, for each $1 in fee, the trader will be rewarded with 1 Trading Point (TP) and the referrer will be rewarded with 1 Referral Point (RP), which will both become redeemable for LVL tokens on a weekly basis.
Depending on your Tier you will get a % in LVL tokens.
All LVL rewards gained through this program have a 7-day vesting period.
Get your unique referral link and share it with your friends and followers to start earning Referral Points. Both you and the users you brought to LEVEL will start earning Referral Points and Trading Points for every swap or trade on the LEVEL DEX. Both RPs and TPs can be redeemed for LVL tokens on a weekly basis.
Visit the following pages for more details: