Level Finance

Referral Tiers

The higher your Tier, the greater the rewards.
LEVEL rewards traders and referrers based on the amount of fees that are paid when trading and swapping on LEVEL. The amount of Referral Points (RPs) that you earn is determined by the amount of fees incurred from each transaction. In particular, for each $1 in incurred fees, the trader will be rewarded with 1 Trading Point (TP) and the referrer will be rewarded with 1 Referral Point (RP), which are both redeemable for LVL tokens on a weekly basis.
In order to reach a certain referral tier, conditions must be met. The more trading volume realized, and the higher the referral tier, the more you earn.
Example for a Tier 2 referral link:
  • If the referrer has collected 10,000 RPs, he will get a $1000 rebate (10%) in form of LVL tokens.
  • As a trader using someone's Tier 2 referral link, if you incurred $500 in trading fees, you will get $50 worth of LVL tokens as cashback.
Note: Rewards will be paid every week in form of LVL tokens. The applicable price of LVL will be calculated using a 7-day TWAP.