Referral Tiers

The higher your Tier, the greater the rewards.

The more trading volume is realized, and the higher the referral tier, the more you earn.

Rewards are distributed depending on the Referral Tier of a Referral Link. The higher your Tier, the greater the rewards. To climb up Referral Tiers, certain conditions must be met.

What is the Referral Whitelist? Users that are approved for the Whitelist have access to much higher rebate and discount rewards from the Referral Program, up to a maximum of 12% Referrer rebate and 9% Trader discount for Tier 3.

For a referrer to get Whitelisted status, they will need to fill out the following form: Apply for Whitelist

TierReferrer RebateTrader Discount










During a week, the referrer collects $10,000 in fees incurred from traders using his referral link

  • Referrer income: For $10,000 and a Tier 2 regular referral link, the referrer will receive $300 (3% rebate to the referrer)

  • Trader income: If some referred trader incurred $500 in trading fees, they will receive $15 cashback in preLVL tokens (3% discount to the trader)

  • Rewards are paid every week in preLVL tokens.

  • You can freely choose on which chain to claim the rewards.

  • The applicable price of preLVL will be calculated using a 7-day TWAP of LVL (time-weighted average price) from various exchanges.

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