Level Finance

Incentive Emissions

Unlike the Loyalty Program, there is no fixed allocation for the Referral Program. Traders and referrers earn points relative to the trading fees paid on the platform, which are later redeemable for LVL tokens depending on the Referral Tier.
For every $1 paid in fees:
  • The trader receives 1 Trading Point (TP)
  • The referrer receives 1 Referral Point (RP)
Trading fees on the platform are paid for the following actions:
  • Executing a Swap
  • Opening or increasing the size of a Leverage Trade position
  • Closing or decreasing the size of a Leverage Trade position
  • Having your Leverage Trade position liquidated
  • Borrowing fee paid when increasing or decreasing a position
Based on the Referral Tier, these points are redeemable for LVL every week. All LVL rewards gained through this program have a 7-day vesting period.