Redemption Process

LGO Omnichain Redemption

This redemption mechanism was implemented in LIP-003: Governance Redemption Pool after the DAO voted in favour. This allows all LGO holders to claim Liquid Treasury assets, made up of LLP token (BTC, ETH, USDT) and LVL/USDT LP tokens. Using this redemption mechanism, LGO holders can surrender their LGO tokens against their pro-rata ownership of the Treasury Liquid Assets. LVL tokens held in the Treasury Reserve are excluded from the Liquid Assets.

A 2-day redemption window will be available on the last Monday of the month for LGO holders to redeem their LGO tokens for the Treasury Liquid Assets. Once redeemed the LGO tokens are burned.

After redemption epoch time ended, assets will be claimable after 24 hours, and user have to claim on all chains which have treasury liquid assets.

Redeem your LGO in our LGO Redemption Tutorial

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