Level Finance
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Team Background

The LEVEL team consists of 25 people including:
  • Seasoned developers (Solidity, Backend, and Frontend)
  • In-house designers
  • Project managers
  • Testing and auditing teams
We are proud to be made up mostly of crypto entrepreneurs entering crypto in 2011-2012 who are using this experience to build an entire DeFi Liquidity Ecosystem. To demonstrate our long-term commitment and belief in the project, the team allocation of LVL tokens is locked for 4 years.


  • Dee_lvl: Co-founder, Lead Dev
  • Kyuu: Co-founder (Strategy, Products)
  • Le Jacque: Co-Founder (Strategy, Economics)
  • Kahn: Product Manager
  • H_potter: Solution Architect
  • Sonic: Business Development, Partnerships
  • Wuan: Community & Operations Manager