Level Finance

LGO Governance Token

LGO is the protocol governance token of the LEVEL ecosystem
Token ticker: LGO Total supply: 1,000 LGO Emission: 0.685 LGO per day Contract address: 0xBe2B6C5E31F292009f495DDBda88e28391C9815E LGO can be obtained by:
  1. 1.
    Staking LVL tokens in the LEVEL DAO
  2. 2.
    Participate in the LGO Auction (burn LVL - get LGO)
Become a LEVEL stakeholder. Deposit your $LVL at app.level.finance/dao
At the start of the project, to ensure a fair launch, there is no pre-allocation or premine of LGO tokens. All users and community members, including the LEVEL dev team, are invited to join the LEVEL DAO by staking any LVL tokens they earn.
Looking for a guide on how to stake your LVL and earn LGO? LGO stakers are also able to earn a % of accrued protocol fees in form of Yield.
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