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LGO Staking - Yield

You can stake your LGO tokens to earn yield rewards inform of Senior LLP tokens.


Rewards are being paid out in Senior LLP tokens. You can either claim your farming rewards as Senior LLP tokens or choose between the underlying assets: BTC, ETH, BNB, USDT, BUSD

LGO Staking

1. First, enter the amount of LGO to stake 2. Click "Approve" 3. Click “Stake” 4. Once confirmed in your wallet, you will see a successful pop-up. Your LGO is staked now and earning Senior LLP tokens.

LGO Unstaking

1. To unstake, simply click "Unstake" 2. Your wallet will pop up asking for confirmation. Press "Unstake" as confirmation 3. Once the transaction in your wallet is confirmed, you will get your LGO tokens into your wallet