Level Finance

Earn Yield

LGO Staking

LGO stakers are able to earn a portion of the daily revenue generated by the protocol.
With the LEVELING UP: 1.5 Upgrade Part One the treasury liquid assets in form of Senior LLP, is now farming within the Senior Tranche farm (excluding LVL rewards).
Currently 10% of the daily revenue generated is being distributed to LGO stackers.

LVL Staking

Direct participation in protocol fees via LVL staking

10% of daily protocol revenue are allocated to those who wish to derive a yield from owning LVL.
To further expand on the functional utility of LVL, we're introducing an additional staking opportunity for LVL holders who wish to stake their LVL tokens and earn real yield from protocol fees. This makes LEVEL protocol revenue directly accessible to LVL holders looking directly for yield.