Level Finance

LGO Auction

Burn LVL to acquire LGO, and gain access to the LEVEL DAO
Using state-of-the-art knowledge in science, finance and economics, we devised a formula which protects existing LGO holders from possible dilution caused by the LGO Dutch Auction. This auction mechanism creates a better link between LGO and LVL, boosts demand for LVL and increases accessibility to LGO. The anti-dilution paper can be found below.
20230316 LEVEL_1_5_Antidilution.pdf
Bidders must hold LVL in their wallets.
  • Auction Asset: LGO
  • Pay in LVL
  • Style: Dutch Auction (Reverse Price Auction)
  • Time: Saturday 9PM UTC
  • Duration: 24 hours
  • Vesting: None